Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Lazy Day

Well today ended up being not what I expected it to be. Every few months we have a job where we have to clean out a few pits at a company called Fibrelogic. They make fibreglass pipes and when they cut them all the residue flows into these few pits. Its a chit job really because it make you so itchy but we change them so its ok. Today didn't go as planned.

We hired a large bilge pump to pump the sludge out and it died on the first pump. The rest of the day pretty much consisted of us sitting around and getting paid. You see the job is on charge up so even if we couldn't work we still get paid. Too easy I say. Money for nothing.

Have fun, bye now.


glitz said...

hi ya!
money for nothing, l wish l can have a lazy day! thx 4 coming by my site from glitz

Cholas said...

A chit job? Well at least it's not a shit one.