Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Accident

This week has been full on. I have been working 12 hour days all week as we are trying to get as much work done as possible because we are a bit behind at the moment. I was working by myself today and it made the day even hard. My dad and I were just packing up at the end of the day and I managed to fall out of the casting bed. I went to step out onto a crate and it moved and I ended up falling flat on my back. The bed is only about a meter high but hot damn it hurt. I laid on the ground for about 5 minutes trying to get my breath back. After that I said fuck it and we headed home.

I also got burnt from welding. Its a tough life, lol.
(The photo is the casting bed I fell off.)

Monday on the other hand was a good day. I have been sick for the last few months and the doctor finally ordered a blood test. I went and had it done the Wednesday before, which was a challenge because I hate needles. The weirdest part about the whole experience was that the nurse held my hand to make it better. I felt like saying "lady I'm 20 this is just weird", but I didn't.

So I got the results Monday and for once in my life I was glad to have failed a test. The doctor told me I have had glandular fever but I am now over it which is good. He also told me some other interesting things. Apparently I have an incredibly high hemoglobin level, he said it is almost twice the level a normal person has. Hemoglobin is the protein that's carries oxygen in your red blood cells. He also told me I have very high iron levels as well which is another good thing. I'm not super man because I can walk but I'm still pretty damn good.

Well that's it. Bye now.


Elise F said...

maybe the nurse was hitting on you, when you were at your most vunerable...

hooray for the blood test results, you failed brilliantly!!!

Cholas said...

OI, COCKSMOKER where's my mention?

Nah, it's all good. I'd have given you a perfect 10 for your backwards flop off casting bed.

Balthi said...

hi again, from switzerland! I hope you're fine after this little accident :-)
keep on rocking mate!

Anonymous said...

Was the nurse cute?

Spud said...

Haha and no the nurse was about 45 so it didnt even cross my mind. i lived through it tho so its all ok