Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Almost Girlfriend.

Its weird how other people perceive your relationships with people. I have a friend, Tilney, and we are very close. We hang out a lot and sometimes do things couples do. She has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend so there is nothing behind it but we do find ourselves on dates sometimes.

I started with the two of us heading to an Italian restaurant down at the Bay which we now call our first date, hehe. On Friday night we had out second date. I headed round to save her from another friend and her date for the night. I picked her up and we decided to have gelati. We headed into the store and asked if we could get a cup of gelati. The attendant asked if we would like a cone and I said it would be weird if we shared a cone. The girl found it hilarious which ended up a bit weird. We then decided to walk down the jetty an enjoy our banana, coffee and chocolate gelati... very romantic. In a way its kinda cool having one and a half girlfriends but don't tell either of them, lol.


Cholas said...

Haha, ahh, you crazy kids.

eastcoastlife said...

Hi Spud!
Glad to hear that you are feeling better now.
Hey, but having more than one girlfriend could be another health hazard. hehehe....
Take care, dude.

JaG said...

I go on "dates" with other guys all the time and it's my boyfriend's fault. He doesn't like all the stuff I like doing so I just do it with other guys (or girls).