Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Week, Till Thursday

This week has been crazy again. They aren't slowing down for some reason.

Monday... Well I don't remember what I did Monday cause I'm tired so just let it go. Tuesday saw me make a trip to The Ed. for Patrice and Hoggots birthday. It was a pretty good night because there was a large crowd there and its always good to catch up with everyone. Last night I headed down to the bay for Hoggots birthday tea with his family. We dined at a really nice Japanese restaurant and I quite enjoyed the food which for me is odd because I don't eat fish and am not normally a fan of Japanese food. Work has been flat out. I worked over 70 hours last week and I have worked about 45 so far this week. The early mornings have been killing me because I have been going out too late at night but hey what can you do. Here's our panel progress.

From this.

To This. We are pouring the 11th panel tomorrow.

Have fun now.

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