Friday, November 17, 2006

My Week

This week has been flat out and I'm buggered. We have started pouring panels for the walls of a warehouse we are building and the job has been a bit of a mess so far. We are still in the planning and test faze of some of the panels so its taking more time than it should and this week has been a bit of a struggle.

The boys and I headed to the Kentish this week which was a first for quiet some time and it was really good to catch up with Calvin and Smith because I hadn't seen them for a few weeks. I haven't really been out all that much though because I have been working long hours and I have been tired.

A few major things have happened though ad that is that Cat got a tattoo and its Tilney's last exam tomorrow so cool and well done.

Tonight I'm heading into the restaurant that the girl works at to have tea with Layno and then to look at some of the cars that are competing in the Classic Adelaide Rally so that should be good. I'm working all weekend which is a drag but the money will be nice so yay.
By now.


Anonymous said...

What tattoo did Cat get? Did it hurt? I would like a butterfly but I don’t have the pain threshold to get one done.

Could you do me a big favour and make a comment at my site? I just changed over to the Beta Blog, because blogger kept on pestering me about it. But they have messed up the template. I am now supposed to delete bits of code and I don’t know if I can receive comments. I have comment moderation checked, so it may take a while for your comment to show up anyway. A few bloggers’ names and profile pics have disappeared and they have shown up as anonymous posters.

I would be very grateful to see if your profile pic shows on the comments section. If not, I have to decide which bits of code need to be altered.


P.S. It is raining buckets here, as well. But it isn't very newsworthy for us.

cat and her tat said...

cat got a tattoo with two little palm trees and a sunset on her back. she looks so cute. STEAL MY FUN AND ANNOUNCEMENT YOU BITCH PHIL! lol its ok, i have no friends anyway. lets talk soon ok? miss u like i miss subway

Spud said...

Sorry Coral i couldnt get to your site, wasnt allowd, i will try later. Cat the tattoo is very cool and yes we will chat soon ok. I might even get subway tonight... Subway binge when you get back k.