Monday, October 02, 2006

My Massive Post, Again

Ok so I need to stop doing these massive posts but lately I haven't had time to think let alone blog. So here is what has happened to me in the last few days.

Wednesday was a huge day. I saw a new Commodore on Friday that I thought looked amazing. I bought it Monday and picked it up Wednesday. My Parents, the girl and I drove up to Tununda which is about an hour away from my house to get the car and I have to say, its awesome. Wednesday was also me and the girls 5 month anniversary so that was great to celebrate as well. Wednesday night I went and saw Karnivool play at the uni bar and again was blown away by how great their performance was. If you have the chance you have to see them.

Here are some pictures of my new car. I took a heap using my parents digital camera but it got stolen so these ones were done on my phone. I will try and post some better ones, especially of the interior because it is beautiful.

Thursday was a huge day at work. I worked over 12 hours and was pretty tired afterwards. We went bowling that night and then I hit bed pretty hard.
Friday was another long 12 hour day at work and another early night. I was tired so I didn't go out. The girl came round after work and I just chilled out with her.

Saturday was the AFL grand final so it was over to hoggots house for a BBQ and to watch the game. It was the usual crowd and it was great to see a few people I hadn't seen for a while. We headed into town that night for two girls I went to school with's birthdays. Again it was good to see a few people I hadn't seen for a while and a pretty good night in the end.

Sunday we got up early and drove down to Victor Harbour to run in the new car and just to drive it really, lol. Layno drove too and it was a really nice drive. We had lunch in Victor and then played mini golf for the hell of it. We went and visited Emma at her shack on Hindmarsh Island and then came home. The drive took it out of me more than I thought it would and I was planning an early night until I headed up to see Beno and then chilled out at hoggots house.

Today was a public holliday in South Australia so it was weird to not be working on a Monday. I didn't really do anything but wash my car and just fiddle around with the options on the car all day. Nothing too exciting really. I'm heading out for a BBQ tea at Hoggots in a little bit so that should be good too.

Well that was it really. Have fun now.


Cholas said...

Rad car. I'd happily get buttfucked in that.


Anonymous said...

i bet it cant do burnouts......

Anonymous said...

that was me

Anonymous said...

'me' being rhys

Spud said...

Im not game to try yet cause i have to run in the engine but it does have traction control and i havent found out how to turn it off yet so that will be the first thing i do, lol.

Cholas said...

Is there a button that says Traction Control? I reckon that'd be it.

Maybe even TC. Depends on how tricky they are.

Anonymous said...

it looks like somebody ate purefied carrot and then spewed on your car

Anonymous said...

just fot the record i didnt write the purefied carrot spew comment. oh yeah, 'i' being rhys