Thursday, October 26, 2006

My I'm Back Post... Delayed

Ok so I got back from Queensland on Saturday and its now Thursday. That equals me being lazy and busy.

Queensland was amazing. It was so good to have a holiday and just hang out with the girl. While we were up there we went to some of the attractions like Sea World where the girl swam with sharks, we ate too much, including buying a litre of chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream only to find that it wouldn't fit in the hotel fridge so we had to eat all of it. We cruised around to different places, we went to one of their big shopping centres and walked around. We tried to get into the casino but I told the girl it was Queensland and of coarse they would let her in with thongs on but they didn't. We spent a whole day at the beach and in the hotel pool and on the last night there we went on a night club tour which was really good. I wasn't drinking because I was still on my antibiotics but I still had fun. Overall it was a great trip.

We got back at 8:15pm on Saturday night. I rushed home and showered and got changed before we headed out for the girls 21st. It was great to meet some of her friends that I had never met before and it was awesome to see all my people. The night ended pretty early because me and the girl were very tired. We got up the next day and watched motor racing which was good because holden won, woot.

This week has been flat, flat, flat out. We started a huge job building a factory which will keep us busy for the next few months. I saw the comedian Arj Barker Tuesday, went out to tea with Tilney Wednesday and was out for tea again tonight. I cant believe its been so long since I have posted... Photos.

The sunset the night before I left for Queensland. My plane. Sea World. The view from the tallest building in Surfers Parradise. A fish a Sea World. A Puffer fish. One of the sharks the girl swam with. The Arj Barker comedy gig.
Bye now.


Alyssa said...

Those under water pictures are gorgeous. I love the aquatic life. thanks for stumbling across my site <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Spud! :)

I hope you doing well!
Jo comes visit you again today to invit you to visit my website again! I made a page for HALLOWEEN a scary one! ;) i hope you will like it!
My pass word to enter is: bigjo82

Thank you and have a nice day!


Cholas said...

Hahaha, ahh, that crazy puffer fish.

Enhance Life said...

Facinating stuff! Interesting indeed.