Friday, October 13, 2006

My Laundry

Ok so I had to head down to the laundry mat on Friday because our clothes dryer died and wearing wet clothes so work sucks. I took some photos of my car from inside and then I took photos of white goods. Guaranteed A+ blogging material.

The end of the week was different to usual this week. Thursday was tough. I had to travel over to the otherside of town to bore some hole for a retaining wall and it was 42 degrees Celsius. It was way to hot for me. I got the job done but thought I was going to die. After work I learnt that Hoggot had, had a shitty day too so we headed down to the Dublin for a Guinness. Lovely.

Friday was great. I worked in the morning but then had the afternoon off so I headed out and bought the girl a birthday present and bought some shirts for me. I headed out to tea at Montezumas with Tilney and Elyse and it was great because I have so much fun with those two. We cruised around a bit after tea but finished up at the Dublin again with quite a few people so it was good.

Saturday was another day at work. We finished late but I was excited because we had a big night planned. We headed out to the Havy which isn't one of my normal spots but it was a really good night. I got ridiculously drunk and barely made it home but damn it was a good night. Cheers to everyone who shouted me drinks in the end :). I have to say I feel bloody terrible today and I didn't end up making it out of bed till 3:30. The day slowed down after I woke up and its really just been water and TV since then.

Have fun

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tils said...

hahaha i was gonna msg u at like 12ish yesterday to see how u pulled up but then i thought hmm...nah he usually dont wake up till riduculously late when he been out...and u didnt! i rock.