Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Catch Up

Last night was fun. It was weird that a normal night down the bay ended up with catching up with a few people I hadn't seen for a long time. Layno, Hoggot and I headed down to the Dublin for a pint of Guinness or two before meeting up with Steve and Bridie. We decided to head t the Holdy where some people from school were drinking. The girl came down after work and the night was set.

Two people were out that I hadn't seen for a long time. Sean a mate of mine who plays AFL football for collingwood was back in Adelaide and it was great to see him. Me and him ended up getting entered into a strong arm contest where you had to hold a beer stein full of water straight out from your body. It was bloody hard and I think I only lasted 4 minutes. I came third or fourth I think so that's ok. The next person was Katie. Kate went overseas to London and places for two months so it is great to have her back because she is so much fun.

The night ended quite early for me and the girl because I worked all day and she had worked all night. We headed home for a quickie and then bed time.

Today started off well but ended badly. Today was the Bathurst 1000 race. It is the biggest V8 supercar race of the year and I was excited because it was on. It started badly because my favourite driver got shunted off on the first corner and it ended badly because a Ford won and I'm a Holden fan. It was a sad race because it was in memory of the late Peter Brock and I just read an article that stated that a driver who was injured in a crash at Bathurst on Friday passed away a few hours ago. Its amazing how things like this can be so unexpected in such a dangerous sport.

Today was also weird for me because it was the last time I will see my girl till I meet up with her in Queensland on the 18th. She flies out tomorrow and I have to work so I wont be able to see her off. Its a weird feeling knowing that you wont see someone who you are so close to for a week and a half. That said it will make spending 4 days in Queensland with her even better.

Photos: 1st, I waited outside the restaurant on Wednesday night for the girl and this is what I saw. 2nd, A job we did during the week. This is the steel stage. 3rd The same job but the finished concrete.

Well that's it for now. Have fun guys. Bye now.

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