Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Damage

Its funny when things go wrong at work and my old man and me just laugh it off. We had been working all day carting concrete from the back of a house through a very narrow gate that was just wide enough for our bobcat. On the last load just as we were cleaning up I grabbed the last big bit of concrete and carried it out. It was hanging out of the bucket about a foot but I couldn't see it and as I went through the gate I shredded it. It was made of aluminum so I pretty much destroyed it. It was funny though because once I stopped and got out my dad had come round from the other side of the house, we looked at each other and just kind of shrugged and complained about how things like this always happen on the last load.

Tonight I headed out for tea at the Kentish with the boys. It was a quiet one because a lot of people were busy and Calvin is working there now. It was still a great meal and now I'm soo full I may even get an early one and head to bed.

I'm awesome, and I'm out. Bye now.


captain cry said...

ive never been to the kentish.

Spud said...

I will take you there when you get back k

captain cry said...

good, i could do with a decent parmy! your shout! hehehe

Cholas said...

You should take me there, fickducker.