Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Big Week

One major thing has happened this week so far. We picked up our new excavator this week. Its massive. We already have a 3 and a 5 tonne machine but this new one is a 13 tonne which is huge. It is a second hand Case, but we bought it for a really good price and even though its a 2003 model it is in excellent condition and hasn't really done a lot of work. The main perks of such a big machine, apart from being able to shift a lot of dirt quickly is the fact that it has an enclosed cabin with a heater/aircon and a cd player and radio. Its great because you can sit in comfort no matter what the weather is like outside.

We have a few big jobs coming up that we really need a machine this big so we got it just at the right time and I hope we can get a few more jobs that will put it to work. Its the same as a machine we hired early last year and they are incredibly easy and smooth to operate. When we hired one last time I moved 800 tonne in a day so it is a very handy machine to have.

Apart from the new arrival the week has been pretty boring. The rain has been really annoying and I'm getting really sick of being wet. Its been cold but not cold enough so every time I do anything I have to stop and take my jacket off because I get too hot. The problem is as soon as I stop I get cold again. Blah to that my friend.

The girl got sick last weekend and gave it too me so I'm feeling average but not dying. Its just a sore throat and a cough so I will live. Its been a bit sad because our good friend Sam left yesterday to live and work in Thailand for a year. We caught up on the weekend and Monday night for a bit of a farewell but I felt terrible because I couldn't get to the airport to see him off. I was working for someone else that day so couldn't get away. He is going to love it and even though its only a year its going to be weird without him and it's another person who has left Adelaide which always makes me sad. Cant wait for the party when he gets back though. Woot.


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