Sunday, July 06, 2008

My 21st Trek

Saturday night started with a 21st at Grange and then a 45 minute drive up to Corromandel East to another 21st. The first was Rachel's who is one of the girls old school friends. We mingled and had a drink but didn't stay for much more. I felt bad because we had to leave so early but the next 21st was Tash's. Tash is one of my old school friends and to say the least, she is a wonderful person. The amount of people there was a credit to Tash and the party was kicking by the time we got there. There was so much food and three beer kegs which was incredible. We drank and drank and ate a lot of party pies and sausage rolls before speeches, dancing and then a creepy stripper who embarrassed Tash endlessly. Pretty amusing in the end but oh so so so cold. I cant believe my group is finally getting to the end of the 21st's. I'm almost happy they are ending.

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