Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Pool Party

The weekend was great. We chilled out Friday night and Saturday before heading to Emma's place to eat pizza, party and swim in her rent-a-pool. She is house sitting so decided to have some people round which was great for us because at around 9:30 it was still so so hot and we were still in the pool. We had some awesome conversations about some weird things, one being a sexual position called the rifleman which I wont explain and will let you research for yourselves, lol. We finally hit the wall around three and went to bed.

The girl and I stayed there Saturday night and Sunday was spent eating awesome bacon and eggs cooked by none other than the great Emma and then swimming in the pool some more. We broke up the party to all head down to see Sam off to the UK. Him and another friend, Lachy, are going over for a month. They are going to catch up with Kate, Susi and Jess who are also over there so that will be crazy. I'm so jealous of everyone going away but I'm glad that we are saving for a house. That is more important to me at the moment. I would like to travel overseas again some day. Hopefully we can afford it later in life. Wooo

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Julie said...

I would probably be tempted to shave my head too if I were there right now. But that's beside the point it sounds like you had a great weekend and I hope that your friend Sam packed a lot of warm clothing he's in for a fun time.