Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Country On Fire

It was a weekend of immense highs and immense lows. The girl and I went down to my families farm to spend the weekend away. It was such a beautiful weekend and we had such a great time relaxing and just being together. We saw so much wildlife down there which really kept us busy for most of the time. We woke up Sunday morning a realized that there was a mother, father and joey Kangaroo lying down in the backyard, about 5 meters from the backdoor. They stayed there for most of the morning and then returned later that evening. At one stage there was another group just out from the house so there was 7 Kangaroo's in our view from the couch, pretty amazing. We also put a heap of seed out for the birds and counted 7 Gallah's, 5 Rosella's, 2 rainbow Lorikeets and 4 Blue rens it was like a zoo. The highlight of the weekend was when we saw a pair of Yellowtailed Black Cockatoos which huge and incredibly beautiful. They are very rare and highly endangered but the pair has been living in the area for the last few years. We played a lot of Super Nintendo and Wii and relaxed for most of the weekend.

That was the good of the weekend. The bad didn't come until Saturday night when an emergency news broadcast came on the TV and told us of the Victorian bushfires. We first heard that 35 people had lost their lives and hundreds of homes had been destroyed and over the weekend and until now both tolls have kept rising. Some of the stories that have been broadcast have been absolutely horrific. The death toll is around the 200 mark now and may rise further. My heart goes out to all those people who have been effected and I, just like most people have been absolutely shocked and shaken by what has happened. It truely is a tragedy and has been the worst peacetime tragedy in Australian history. I hope the fires are controlled soon and I hope no more lives are lost. On a solemn note on a very solemn day. Byes.


Julie said...

You haven't been sweapt away in the raging fire have you? we haven't heard from you in a while.
OK seven days but that's a lot to not get a new post from you.

missc said...

nice pics :)

Phil said...

No I am about 800 kilometers away from the fires, thank god but it has still struck home because that sort of fire could happen anywhere. Very sad. Glad you enjoyed the pics missc.