Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Valen-zoo-tines

The girl and I are a little bit different when it comes to things like Valentines day.Instead of doing something uber romantic like going out to tea with candles and wine we drove an hour out of Adelaide to a place called Monarto Zoo. The Zoo is a large parcel of land that was bought 20 years ago and has now grown to one of the biggest animal parks in Australia. It is home to Lions, Cheetahs, Giraffes and many other African animals as well as many many Australian animals. We spent a whole day taking tours and walking around the park. We took about 200 photos so hear are a couple. The rest will be on my Photo Blog. Woooo


Julie said...

OH good I was getting worried for a second there. we haven't heard from you and I was afraid that you had been swept up in the wild fires. I am glad to see that you two had a good time for your valentines day.

Phil said...

Yea we have been safe. We are about 1000 kilometers from the fires. The effects have been felt here though with many of our firefighters going over and the smoke clouds have also drifted over Adelaide. Thank you for your concern though.