Friday, January 30, 2009

My Questionnaire

I though tonight was going to be a really good night. Australia is playing South Africa in the cricket and its the semi finals of the Australian Open so lots of good TV. They both turned out to be crap. We are losing the cricket and I'm sick of tennis, so here I am answering a questionnaire thing. Its a what would you do survey, hope you enjoy.

1.) What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?
I would definitely move to the blue corner because obviously there are snakes in the red corner.

2.) If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower?
I would look left then right then left again for mimes.

3.) If you were on the moon?
If I was on the moon I wouldn't be so hot. I would also weigh a lot less than I do now, but would still be just as hungry.

4.) If you were a contestant on American Idol?
I would be very embarrassed because one, I cant sing very well and two because I was on American Idol and that's nothing to be proud of. (sorry kelly clarkson, no capitals for you!)

5.) If you woke up naked in a park?
Now this one is not so silly because as most of my friends know I once left a house party which was 6 blocks from my house and managed to take a detour and pass out. I woke up on a lawn bowls green the next day with some old lady staring at me. I was very confused but still fully clothed. Maybe next time though.

6.) If you won 100 million dollars.
If I won that much money I buy everything I wanted and then invest the rest and try to help out the world through aid and charities with the money I could make off the original 100 million. I would definitely buy a Ferrari or three.

7.) If you had 500 kilograms of cheese.
If I had that much cheese I would be in heaven. I love cheese. I had a slice earlier and it was every bit as dairy as it should have been. Brilliant.

8.) If a blizzard dumped snow where you lived.
I would be incredibly surprised because its currently about 36 degree Celsius/100 Fahrenheit. On the other hand I would grab as much as I could and put it on the lawn because we have water restrictions and cannot water it and it needs a drink.

Well that's it now I have to find something else to type about. Byes


Nerdy Renegade said...

Great list! Totally LOVE number 7. Cheese has been the downfall of my attempts at going vegan :-0 There is just nothing in the world like darned good cheese. Yum!

It's amazing to me to think it's so hot where you are right now. Certainly wish I could send some of our snow and ice down your way.

BTW, we're big fans of music and concerts, too. Between my hubby and myself we have quite a history of awesome musical experiences.

JaG said...

I haven't watched any sports in months! I managed to totally avoid the tennis on Sunday when my boyfriend was watching it.

Oh, and please share that cheese with me. I love cheesy. The smellier the better.

Phil said...

Cheese is the best thing in the world. Sport is also good but I would take cheese any day. The heat is still crazy here but it is cooling down this week to the mid 30's which is amazing. I would also love to hear your crazy music festival stories Nerdy?