Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Hot Oz Day

How good was the weekend? The weekend was really good! The weekend was excellent actually there was sun, beers, beach and a kiddies paddle pool to dip our feet in. Saturday was weird for me because the girl and I went to the wedding of one of her school friends. He is a pastor and she is very religious so as you can imagine the wedding was very traditional and very stiff. Not a lot of emotion or excitement. The only light moment was when one of the bridesmaids stumbled due to dizziness. It was definitely the only highlight. It was what the wanted and it was very them so it was enjoyable for them but not the way I would like to tie the knot. We rushed away from the wedding and onto the Highway for Nicole and Hannahs going away party. They are heading over to the UK to do some working/touring. I swear half my friends are over in the UK at the moment. I'm getting lonely back here at home! We had dinner with Tilney and Luke beforehand which was cool because they had just gotten back from their trip to Thailand. We got all the stories including a ping pong ball show and a monkey drinking Coke. Tilney didn't get a tan so I paid her out about it too.

The girl and I started Sunday with lunch at Ikea. Its really odd I know but we love going down there and having something to eat. Its so Swedish. We looked at a house but I wasn'treally a fan and then we drove down to the Moana beach for a beach day with her work friends. It was so hot so we jumped straight in the water. The waves were quite big though and after an hour we were very sick of being hammered by them. After our dip we got pizza from a place on the beachfront and chatted with all her people. It was incredible pizza and a good way to spend a Sunday.

Monday was a public holliday for Australia day and they also play the Triple J Hottest 100 which is a competition held by one of our radio stations of the best 100 songs from the past year. We always party somewhere but this year we went to Nicoles place. It was a small crowd but it was a good group of my close friends. Nicole had blown up a kiddie pool and filled it with water and ice so we all sat round in a circle with our feet in the pool drinking beer, listening to the radio and chatting. Even though it was crazy hot it was such an awesome day. We even had a water fight!

Every day this week has been over 40 degree's celcius and its not going to cool down until Monday next week which will be 38! Lol. Work has been hell and we have only really been working half days. When we drove back from our job down south the temperature gauge on the truck which is accurate read 48. Thats nuts! Hopefully it cools down tonight so we can sleep. Ciao.

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