Friday, January 30, 2009

My Day Off

Yesterday was a scorcher. It was way to hot to work so we pulled the pin and didn't even bother doing anything. It was such a relief to not have to face the heat again. I spent most of the day inside enjoying the air conditioning and playing Wii but at around 2:00PM the power went out and I was back in the heat. Luckily it was only off for an hour but it still annoyed me.

It didn't cool down at all in the evening but the Lost Show were playing a gig at the Backpackers bar down at Glenelg so we headed out anyway. We got hotdogs and ice cream for tea and then got to the bar pretty early. It was just us and a few of the band guys which was great to hang out because they haven't played a show in a while and I hadn't seen the guitarist, Dan, since new years eve. The bar had their air con on but it was dismal and still around the 30 degrees inside which was pretty oppressive. As the crowd grew it got hotter but the show was awesome which made it all worth while. I really hope they start playing more gigs because they have been slack lately. Damn they are good live though.

After a couple of beers and all that heat we retired early and headed home around the 11pm mark. it was great to get back to an air conditioned car and house and yes I slept like a log.

I'm disappointed because today is the Big Day Out music festival and I'm not going. The line up this year was pretty average and I just couldn't justify the $135 for a ticket. Its always such a great day though so I am disappointed. Hopefully next years line up is better and I will be back into it. Anyway I'm off to go be hot some more. Byes.

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Julie said...

OK I no longer envy you and your balmy weather, I guess I shouldn't bitch about all of the snow. It is however effing cold here at times but today it seems to be 26 F. Works for me I guess.