Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Year

Well how was everyone's new years? It feels like the start of every other year but I think this year will be a major one in my life. We will soon see though, I'm sure before I know it, it will be 2010 already.

Our new years eve was eventful to say the least. The party we went to was a bad taste dress up party so everyone's costumes where hilarious. I went as death, which was very toned down from what I was going to go as but still good. We got there early and help set up and had some food before the rest of the people got there and then the night started. We played a heap of drinking games early including a game of Russian roulette but with shots of Vodka and Whiskey. Then came a raucous game of Goon of fortune which got us right in the mood.

The night kinda stopped about there because all of a sudden the girl started to feel really funny and then she went down hill. It was really crazy, she was fine one minute and then the next she was freaking out. She was really sketchy and couldn't focus on anyone or stay still. It was horrible. I spent from about 10:30 till 4am looking after her.

We still cant work out what happened but we think somehow she got drugged or had a reaction to something. It was a horrible thing to see her like that and not a great way to spend a new years. The only saving grace was my loyal friends who helped me out and came inside and chilled with me even though the party was outside.

The girl was ok the next day. She felt a bit funny but nothing too bad. She can't remember anything from the party which is the worst. It wasn't a bad night but just not the way I wanted to spend new years.

The next day we headed up to Wallaroo with her family like we did last year. They go up every year and take their boat out fishing. I'm not a huge fishing fan and I don't eat fish but one day a year is cool with me so I go along. Her family are pretty funny so there is always a bit of entertainment. We went out from 7am till 4pm and managed to catch 80 crabs, 70 garfish, a handful of tommy ruff and a couple salmon, so not a bad days fishing.

We got back last weekend and it has been work work work for me since then. I'm back working down south so a lot of driving each day. I did 240 kilometers on wednesday just driving to work and back. Crazy really. I will be glad when this job is all finished.

Apart from all of that we went and saw Twilight last night. The girl has been reading the books and is obsessed with them so she made me go. I didn't mind because vampire movies are normally pretty decent. I didn't mind it either. It was a bit slow and a bit lovey but overall not a bad movie. There are four books so hopefully they make four movies so I don't have to read them, lol.

Well thats about it and a PHOT OF ME WITH JESUS!!! Bit of an update really and lots of paragraphs, good on me though. Bye now.

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Julie said...

Jesus looks kind of wasted. or like a hippie Jesus I can't decide which.