Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 2008

Its the new year soon so I guess this is the end of 2008. This year has been pretty up and down and all over the place but it has also been good to me. I have had friends leave and come back and met new people. I have been on a couple of holidays and even bought a Wii. The highlight of the year would have to be the snow trip. That was an incredible week and I am so glad I went. The most exciting part was the helicopter ride we took over the valley. Let me know what your highlight was and have a GREAT NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! I hope you all have sore heads the next morning!!


Julie said...

Happy 2009!! I know I haven't left you any messages lately but I only seem to get online at work and I was getting pop ups from your site that were "blocked" according the my work policy I didn't feel like getting busted for something that I didn't mean to do. I hope that you had a fabulous new year and that you are well.

Spud said...

Ah thank you so much julie. Its great to hear from you. I hope you had an incredible new years eve and I hope 2009 is great too.