Friday, December 12, 2008

My Question Time

Its Friday and I'm back from working away all week. It had been a taxing week with a couple of really hot and really dusty days and then heavy rain today. Im stuffed tonight and instead of writing about what I have done all week I want you guys out there in the world wide wobble to ask me questions. They can be questions about anything. Maybe you want to know what star sign I am, maybe you want to know if i actually did eat two chicken Parmies at Calvins party last year. The answer to both of those questions is obviously yes so ask away!


helencheese said...

i haven't been on here in ages. i should...its a good read. hmmm if you had your own personal theme tune...what would it be?
and hiiiii.

Spud said...

Wow hello Helen!!!! how have you been? long long time no speak. If I had my own theme it would be "Between angels and insects" by Papa Roach. I love that song.

Coutts said...

I have finally thought of a question.

Did you have a good Christmas day thing?

It's not a very good question.

Spud said...

Yea I had an awesome day. I ate my weight in everything foodish and then fell asleep at about 5pm. It was gold.

Coutts said...

That's a lot of foodish.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.