Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Pancakes

I did something really weird yesterday. On a spur of the moment decision the girl and I got up and decided to go and get pancakes from the Pancake Kitchen in town. On the way we bought a heap of lotto scratchy tickets and sat there eating our pancakes and playing one dollar scratchies. Although we looked like gambling addicts, we had so much fun. As usual I ate too much but still felt great.

We went and looked at a few houses in the afternoon but didn't see anything that we really liked. Its getting tedious now but we have to keep going and keep looking. There are so many crap houses though, urgh.

I wrote a whole huge post last night but lost it all due to it not saving and the computer dying on me. I was not happy at all and instead of re writing it I went to bed. I had a very tiresome weekend due to doing a cash job on Saturday. The money was good, very very good but crap I worked hard. I fell asleep on the floor Saturday night at about 9pm and then made it to bed not long after. Even with 12 hours of sleep I was still stuffed Sunday. It was a really good weekend though. The girl and I really had fun Sunday just doing nothing. It was all gravy baby!

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