Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Farewells

This past weekend was filled with farewells. Calvin, a very good friend of mine and two other mates are heading over to Canada to work in the snow fields and then on to tour around Europe. They will be gone for a year which hopefully goes quickly. Saturday night we said goodbye to Kosta and Luke, the other two and Sunday was Calvins day. We had lunch at the Kentish which is one of our favorite pubs and then headed to the Adelaide Lawn Bowls Club for a day of sunshine and beers. It was such a chilled out day and a fitting farewell for the guys.

Its going to be boring in Adelaide with out them, beleive me. It sucks that they are leaving and I really envy them because there trip sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Hopefully we have a house by the time they get back and we can have there welcome home party. Anywho, byes.

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