Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Weekend

The weekend was bliss. The girl and I got away and drove down to my parents farm for a weekend of relaxation. It was so good to have a weekend with no house hunting and no work. We did nothing but watch TV and play old school Super Nintendo. I bought a heap of games of EBAY so we tried them out and managed to finish Yoshi's Island which was pretty cool.

We walked around the property a lot and on the one day managed to see a Kangaroo and her Joey and the girl nearly stepped on a stumpy tailed lizard. It was huge too. Easily the biggest one I have ever seen, it would have been 40 centimeters long. It was very calm and didn't even hiss at us like they normally do. They are such amazing creatures. My dad told me he had seen a red bellied black snake down there the week before but luckily we didn't see it. The are very shy and normally won't attack you unless threatened but a snake is a snake and they are good to stay away from.

Every few months it is just great to get away for a couple of days. I'm so glad we have somewhere where its quick, easy and cheap to just have a change of scenery and a weekend away.

I put some photos up for a change so I hope you enjoy. Byes.


Julie said...

awww the Kangaroo is so cute. and that Lizard, his scales look like a pine cone it's strange. Glad that you have had a chance to get away.

Spud said...

They are very pine cone like aren't they. I didn't really think about that.