Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Bowling, Or Not

Tonight saw us at Montezumas for Mexican and it was soooo good as usual. I hope that place never closes because I think I would die. We chilled out and ate and ate and ate and then we went and got ice cream. It got late quickly so we didn't have time to go bowling but I still had a great time. Food makes me happy sometimes. Not in a weird way, like people who eat because they are down, there is nothing wrong with that but it has nothing to do with tonight, but in a way of enjoying something simply just because you can.

Still on 25peeps so check that out.

1 comment:

three chick said...

how dumb are we? i think bowling next week is in the cards. or stars. or whatever. i am off to work at dumb tea tree plaza wuunggghhhhhbrugghhhhh. not fair. love ya guts punky dude man xx