Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Concrete

This week has been pretty busy so far. Since my parents got back we have been flat out doing industrial type jobs. I prefer industrial and commercial work to residential jobs like house footings because they are always quick jobs. We do a lot of pits and machine basses for tooling companies in Adelaide. They are good because after a few days of long hours your done. This week so far we have stripped down the pit we poured last week and concreted a base for a machine. They were both very easy jobs which is what I like.

On a different note, today was my best friend Cat's birthday. She is 20 today so happy birthday to her. We chilled out last night down the bay and it was hilarious as always. We had chocolate from a specialty chocolate store then went down to a chicken store called Nandos. We bought a burger and wanted to sit upstairs on the balcony but it was closed so we headed on over to Starbucks and chilled there. We ate to much as usual and felt sick but it was cool.

Apart from that its been a pretty mundane week but I'm sure it will pick up. I'm going to have Mexican food tomorrow night so that makes everything better.

A few things about the old site. More and more sites have been referring me which is great and if you too want to link me just place a link on your page and your site will show up on my referrer list. I'm still on so go over there and click on my photo for me.

Awesome. Have fun. Byesies

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its my birthday! said...

mmmm chocolate fondue? fondu? founduoe? who knows. anyway happy birthday to me! yay!