Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Gig and Weekend Job

Well the gig on Thursday was incredible. The crowd was pretty good for such a big venue and hopefully they will get even more people there next time. Its such an odd thing to watch friends play on stage especially when one is an ex band member. It was soo good though and I really think they will get somewhere.

The weekend was a bit hectic. The girls sister left on Saturday and that was definitely a low light. Its going to be really hard on the girl because they are very close and her sister is going away for a few years. There was tears galore at the airport which made it worse but we got through it. I headed straight to work from the airport. We have a big warehouse job to dig two pits and have them concreted Monday so we worked all Saturday and Sunday. We were lucky enough to make it home today just in time to watch the start of the third V8 race. Holden won so I was happy as Larry.

Last night the girl and I went down to the Grand to see some of her friends and to meet up with some of my chums. I always say I'm not a fan of the Grand but its all in the people you are there with. I had fun last night and even though I wasn't really drinking it was awesome to just be out with people who I don't see all that often or don't see enough.

There is always fun to be had if you can share it with the right people.

Bye byes.


Cat McArsehole said...

i'm so sorry i didnt make it i tried and tried and tried but nope nobody would come with me and also i had zero dollars so i went on the ferris wheel in the city instead and nearly peed my pants i was so scared i also saw a magic show in the garden which was fantastic it was called holy cow so we said holy cow a few times hehe hows things we need to hang out soon lets get mexican one day after im paid because i could so go a cheese dip right now love you heaps buddy friend maaaate xx

Spud said...

hehe i cant beleive you got scared on a ferris wheel. Why are they called ferris wheels anyway??? Definitely catch up soon.