Thursday, June 02, 2011

My New Beat

Well its been a slow couple of weeks now. A lot of tiring work and not a lot of anything else. To get by I have found some awesome new tunes. Here they are so check them out.

This is the new song by Boy and Bear, Its called Feeding Line. It has a very Mumford and Sons sound to it. A great song!

Something a little different in this one. Its Diafrix with Simple Man. Its just a really catchy tune.

Last but definitely not least is Close Your Eyes with Song For The Broken. Some thing a bit heavier and a bit more up beat to end on. Get on it!

Got a pretty busy weekend coming up. Emma and Brad are up for dinner tomorrow night before heading out to see the Lost Show play their last gig as a six piece band. Not to sure about Saturday day or night but since I'm not working I think I might just do nothing for a bit. Should be good. Hit me up if you are in Adelaide town! Byes


helen said...

good tracks phil...we'll have to catch up over the uni winter holidays :)

Phil said...

Definitely Helen. Its been a while since we have seen anyone really. How are your studies going?

helen said...

ah y' know...bornig...same i havn't seen anyone in a while either. but just one massively stressful week left and then its the holidays weeeeeeee