Sunday, May 17, 2009

My New Area

Last night was a night spent in our new neighbor hood. The weekend started terribly. We woke up Saturday morning to find that Domi's car had been broken into outside of my parents place. They had smashed the back window and tried to get in but couldn't so just left it. There was nothing to steal inside the car so its a real pain that we have to get the window fixed for nothing. Its a real kick in the teeth because its money we really cant afford because ever cent we have at the moment is going towards our house deposit.

After that annoying start to the morning the day did get a lot better. We decided to drive back to Dominique's mother's place so she could do some packing but just ended up lazing away on the couch and watching different games of football. After tea we went up to Steve's parents house which is just around the corner from Domi and I's new house. It was a really great relaxing night, we actually sat outside for most of the night and just hung out, so it was great to catch up with some old faces. We talked for hours about linking different actors through 6 degrees of movie separation. We managed to link Steven Seagal to Denise Richards in just 4 move. It may sound nerdy but it was hilarious at the time.

Today was another very lazy day. We did a little packing and sorted through some purchases from yesterday. We bought a $10 toaster and a $10 kettle so we will see how long they last. I don't think they will be the best but hey its the last two items I want to spend money on so they will do. P.s if you do break into our new house don't smash a window and don't steal the toaster or kettle. Byes.

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