Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Island Weekend

This past weekend was spent celebrating the lovely Emma's 22nd birthday. Her family have a holiday house down south on Hindmarsh Island, so we packed up and headed down Saturday afternoon. Emma is one of my oldest friends. She was in my reception class when I started school so we have known each other for a good 18 years now.

We arrived at about 4PM and started celebrating straight away with a few bevies. It was a really great night and even though we had to brave the bitter cold I was surrounded by some of my oldest and dearest friends. We ate a great meal for tea and then enjoyed butterfly cupcakes that were made by Rhys' girlfriend Amelie.

The night, week and weekend were all top off by my two friends Steve and Layno. They presented me with a ticket to the upcoming Karnivool concert. I was devastated because I couldn't spend the money on a ticket due to the house and our mortgage and so for them to buy me one was amazing. Its going to be an incredible gig and I think the first round will be on me.

Sunday was spent with sore heads relaxing outside in the cold air with warm sun on our faces. Domi and I played a couple of games of chess on their oversized wooden board and then made the trek back to town. Definitely a good weekend.


Julie said...

Fun, that looks like it was a great night. and as for the post on my blog it's the Pixar Movie Up. Basically I am five when it comes to this kind of thing.


Link to a movie clip, I love this clip! Dug is possibly the funniest thing ever.

Again I am five.

Anonymous said...

poo head, they are terrible photos.