Sunday, September 28, 2008

My On My Mind

The last week has been draining. Last Saturday night a good friend of mine over dosed on drugs. It was a terrible situation and one I will never forget and in fact has changed me and the way I think about life. In the end he was ok but we spent six hours in the hospital by his side while he got through it.

I have never taken any drugs like that and am glad now because after seeing someone be in that state its something that changes your life. He was very very lucky that night and it could have been a lot worse. Last night him and I spoke about everything that has happened and why it got to this which was really hard for both of us but needed to happen. Its a horrible situation, it really is but I think we are all lucky that its only this bad and we are not dealing with a friend who is brain dead or even worse. I don't agree with drugs but I guess they are a fact of life these days. Its just so hard when you see a friend like that.

That has ruled my thoughts lately and I have forgotten about most other things in my life. I did enjoy my birthday but it seems worlds away now. The girl and I, well we are still the girl and I and we are stronger than ever and doing well. We went to look at a few more houses today and got some great ideas about what we want but didn't see anything we had to have. We are really seriously looking to buy but cant find the perfect place. Its such a major step but I really cant wait to have something to truly call ours. Its going to be a challenge with a mortgage and all that jazz but that's life I guess. If you want to donate to me funds that would be awesome, lol.

Anyway its bed time for me and then its another week, another dollar and another 10 percent to the government. Byes

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