Thursday, March 17, 2011

My 3 Day Olive

Last weekend was a long weekend but I will tell you know it went quicker than any weekend we have had this year. Work was pretty crazy last week so I was amped up for a weekend of activities.

We started the weekend with food. My parents invited us out for dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary and a group decision was made to head on down to Pantai in the Pier Hotel complex. It incorporates two restaurants Thai/Indian and modern Australian side by side and you can order off either menu. I went for the asian option and ordered a Lamb Madras which was soo soo spicy but incredible all the same. We drank and watched the sun go down and life was good.

Saturday morning started early in preparation of a long day ahead of us. I had told our friend Catrina that we would take her out for her birthday and had decided on touring the Mclaren Vale wine region. We arrived at the first winery at about 10:30 after stopping for coffees in the town of Mclaren Vale. Since it was a bit too early for wine we ate everything to do with olives. We bought olive oil, garlic olives and olive tapenade, which we devoured later that afternoon once home. We took in the sites and then moved from one winery to the next until I was hungry enough and the girls were drunk enough to stop for lunch. We ate at a restaurant called El Torro which is on the main street of Mclaren Vale. We are all Mexican food nuts so thought it was a good choice. The food wasn't overly Mexican, more modern Aussie with a Mexican theme. It was great though and all three of us waddled out of the restaurant as full as can be. After touring three more wineries and popping in at a brewery for me it was time to make the trek home.

We needed a moment to relax before going out that night and contemplated a nap before deciding on food. We ate our weight in dips, olives and bread it was all very sophisticated except we started the feast with cocktail frankfurts!

The night was nothing to hectic, just a group of friends celebrating Helen's moving in. She is back from the UK and has moved in with a good friend of ours. She is British! That is all...

Sunday it was off and racing again as we had to prepare for a wedding. Domi has working with a lady named Tracy for a couple of years at the hospital and Sunday was her wedding day. It was meant to be held at West Beach on the sand but due to the wind they had it in a park. The ceremony was beautiful and quite enjoyable and the weather just held off and only a couple of spots of rain were felt.

The ceremony that night was held at the Grand Hotel in one of their conference rooms and even though I hardly knew anyone there I made friends as usual and after the waitress kept bringing jugs of beer to our table I even had a bit of a dance with Domi (who looked so amazingly beautiful).

Monday was a public holiday and damn I was happy about it. After a weekend of drinking and running around I felt like I needed all week to get over it. This week has been such a blur I don't really know wat I have done and its already the weekend again.

I am going to the Clipsal 500 tomorrow which will be bloody good so expect an update from that. Woo. Happy St. Patties day too. Byes


Cat. That is all! said...

Who the eff is Catrina?? Haha

Phil said...

Haha just some other friend I see all the time!