Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Weekend at the Port

This past weekend was actually one of the best Domi and I have had in a long time. Our great friend Jess has recently started dating a professional fisherman from Port Broughton. Now if you don't know where Port Broughton is, Google map it you numpty! So up we drove Friday night though the driving rain until we pulled into the little town of Broughton where the sunset shone through the clouds and we met two great friends. I went to school with Jess' new boyfriend for one year but it was 8 years ago so quite a bit had changed and it was almost as if we should have introduced our selves again.

We had arrived in the town quite late so decided to head straight out to tea. We ate at a small restaurant on the main street where Jess had been working part time while she had been up there and the food was great. The restaurant owner stirred us up about being friends with Andrew and Jess and then we hit the pub. When I say we hit the pub, I mean we hit the pub hard. After a couple of drinks at tea we seemed to be more than in the mood for a couple more. We met half the town and nearly drank the pub dry before somehow getting home to Andrews parents farm.

I blame Jess for the messy night because at 1:30am she came over with 4 Jager bombs! Needless to say we woke up the next day with sore heads and one of the worst hang overs I have had in a long time.

The day started out very slowly out at Andrews parents farm. We had plans to go out fishing early but that never eventuated. We finally drug ourselves away from the couch and walked along the main street of Broughton. After an orange Powerade a a stroll on the jetty we finally made it back to Andrews place to get the boat ready before we hit the water. Our friends Emma and Brad arrived just in time to jump in as we sailed off. The sea air cured our hang overs for a very short time until we stopped moving, and the rocking started. It didn't really bother me until I looked down to bait a fishing hook and then urgh... It hit. Domi and I were very green so we headed back into the harbour to drop some crab nets. We drifted in the calm waters for a couple of hours but didn't catch a lot so cruised back to dry land.

That night we met the rest of Andrews family out at there farm and then cooked up a feast of seafood. I was the odd one out because I don't eat seafood, but the steak I ate was out of this world! We ate like kings and the conversation was great. All in all they are a great family and it was amazing to have a real country gathering/meal. It didn't take long after tea before people started falling asleep and before we knew it, it was Sunday.

We had another feast Sunday morning with bacon, eggs and BBQ'd tomato and mushrooms, before heading out on a guided tour of the property and the surrounding beaches. We also took in the sights at Fishermans bay as well as seeing Andrews other boats and cold storage areas. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Adelaide and all to soon the weekend was over. I could have stayed a week in Port Broughton and believe me the weekend went all to quickly. If your ever in that part of the state pop in.

Bye now.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you guys make Port Broughton your home away from home, we move into the new house on the 1st of June and one of our two spare rooms is officially known as Domi and Phil's! Love, love and love, Andrew and Jess