Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My HC Training

Im tired. The last week and a bit have been absolutely draining for me. I started driving lessons to get my Heavy Combination (HC) License on Monday of last week and after three 5 hours lessons and then a grueling 9 hour session on Sunday I completed the training. I learnt in an old piece of shit truck with a 15 meter long trailer on the back. Now that I have completed it I can drive anything up to 50000kg, which is more than I will ever need. I only need the license to tow the trailers that we put our excavators on but had to go to the trouble of getting a semi license. I am so glad it is over because 5 hours of driving a semi trailer around town is too much and 9 hours was hell.

Apart from that the week was a blur. I cant really remember much of it. Had Mexican Thursday with a few people and the Ed hotel Saturday night to hang out and then again Sunday for Ashley's birthday. A good weekend ruined by a 9 hour driving lesson Sunday. Now its another working week again and its all a blur.

The BIG news is that the girl and I found a house that we really like so we put an offer in and are waiting now. Hopefully we get it, so keep your fingers cross for us!!

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Julie said...

My god, that sounds like hell, I think it's regulation for all of the places that do the tests for HC Licenses that you have to take the test in a POS Truck, the husband got the same treatment. Glad for you that it over though. Also totally crossing my fingers that you get the house!! Good Luck and a possible congratulations is an order.