Monday, March 23, 2009

My Weekly Higlights

The last week was a good one in some ways but also a bad one. It was bad because we are still waiting to see what happens with the house we put an offer in on. It was great because of all the awesome things that happened. Here is a quick wrap up of the highs and some lows.

Monday: We concreted a driveway and once finished left. About ten minutes away from the job we got a phone call saying that the mans dog had got out and run up and down the driveway. We rushed back and had to work like hell to make it look half decent. It went from a job that looked like a million dollars to a job that looked very average. Bad luck for him. (LOW)

Tuesday: I saw a mentally challenged man dressed in a suit waiting for a bus. It made me smile because I have never seen someone so proud of the way he was dressed.

Friday: I went to the Clipsal 500 to watch the races with a few people. It was a really awesome day with great weather.

The weekend: Went down to our farm and relaxed. Watched the Clipsal 500 races all weekend and had a few beers with Hoggot and Sam when they came down. All up a very good weekend.

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