Monday, October 20, 2008

My Close Shave

I shaved my head again. This time it looks a lot better. Last time I had a Mohawk and looked like a criminal and struggled to get into bars and clubs. This time I think it looks normal. I don't look scary and I don't look like a criminal.

The weekend was worky and partyie, which was nice. It was the girls birthday during the week so we all went out to celebrate Saturday night with dinner in town and then a couple of drinks afterwards. We started at The Botanic which is a really nice bar. The drinks were a bit expensive to start with so we had a couple and moved on to the London Tavern where calvin got us all in past the line and gave us a copius amount of cheap drinks. A typical night at the Tav when Calvin is behind the bar. The night was great but my 2am I was wrecked because of the hard day I had at work and the girl and I headed home. God I was glad to hit the pillow that night.

The working week has started again and one week has moulded into the next. I'm almost lost these days because I have been working Saturdays and public hollidays a lot lately. A weekend doesn't seem like a weekend anymore and all of a sudden its Tuesday or Wednesday and I feel like the week has just started but also like it should be the weekend again. Another day another dollar though and all going towards our house. We are still looking and a really nice place that we put an offer in on still hasn't been finalised so I am going to make enquires tomorrow as to where we stand. Hopefully we get some good news because the kitchen was new with red tiles and I like it.



Julie said...

What are cornflake cookies?????

Julie said...

it sound's like you had fun for your girls birthday. good luck on the house!

Spud said...

Oh my god. Cornflake cookies are amazing. They are a sweet cookie with raisins and cornflakes mixed in them. If you can find a recipe make them because they are great!

Naomi Joy said...

Cornflake cookies are delish!

Good luck on the house buying. hope the deal goes through

Jacob said...

I want to see your shaved head, dude!