Friday, October 03, 2008

My Bad Day

I am still sick but I went to work today but I get the feeling I should have just stayed home. I felt like death in the morning but new I had to work so off I went. My job for the day was to pour a concrete strip under a machine up in Lonsdale. It all seemed easy enough until I got there.

The second I was at the job I knew it was going to be a shit day. The timber that I was meant to use was the wrong size and so didn't fit. That was the first thing to piss me off. I worked like anything to get it ready for when the concrete got there and just finished in time for the concrete truck to arrive. I didn't have time for anything to eat and so just started putting the concrete in. I got most of it in but realized that the first lot was getting really hard. This was odd because it had only been down for a half hour. Normally concrete takes a lot longer to harden.

I asked the driver if there was any accelerator in the mix which speeds up the curing time and he told me there was the maximum amount. This pissed me off royally because I hadn't ordered that type of concrete and was now in trouble because the concrete was just about hard and I had a huge amount of work to do.

After too much work I got the job done, barely and the finish was very very average. Its not a job I am proud of but there wasn't a lot I could do about it. I really am dissapointed with how it looks but there is nothing you can do with concrete like that. After I finally finished I was dead. I finally got to have something to eat and drink at 2:30pm after being up since 6:00am and made an executive decision to go home. Definitely not a good day and glad to be home and hosed.

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