Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentines

Yesterday, apparently was the most romantic day of the year. For the girl and I it was a pretty normal day. Our V day consisted of us both working in the morning and then meeting up in the afternoon. I bought her flowers and a few things and she bought us tickets to go on a jet boat. Pretty damn good if you ask me. The boat is completely inclosed so you don't get wet. It goes out on the open ocean so it was really rough and pretty much awesome.

After our open ocean shake up we had the idea of hiring a playstation game and just chilling out. We hired the original Sonic the Hedge Hog and played it for a few hours. It was really nerdy but so much fun.

Today I didn't work. I thought I would take a day off. The girl worked in the morning and now we are just hanging out planning our weekend. Tomorrow morning we are going to head down to my farm for a few days. We are also going to head over to Goolwa to see Tilney and hang out there for a bit. We will head back again Monday because Tuesday we are heading over to Sydney to meet my old's. The cruise into the harbour that morning and we are going to see the sights in Sydney till friday. All that travel means I probably wont be able to update this bad boy all that much but I will try.

Till next time, have fun. I'm still on 25peeps so check that out and keep clicking. Bye now.


lonely, but not like the song said...

sonic is the best. what am i going to do without you for so long??

Cholas said...

Do what I did, make an inflatable Phil. Or as I call him, Inphlataphil.

Spud said...

They sell those in stores now. Quite reasonably priced too.