Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Parmy Parmy

Tonight is Kentish night and I am hanging out for a Chicken Parmigiana. I worked hard today and it has been a long week so I'm looking forward to chilling out tonight with everyone.

Its been a hard long week and I'm a little sick of working for this bloke because, well, he is a moron. I'm am just thankful that I only have a few days left of working for him, and the money is fan-bloody-tastic so that gets me through it. Fun Fun.

This week i have had pretty relaxed nights after work. I hung out with Tilney and watched the cricket and had a few Guinness with Hoggot last night at the Dublin. The best thing about working hard during the day is that the days go fast and it makes you appreciate the nights you have off. Hard work never hurt anyone and I really don't mind what I'm doing at the moment. Its just dealing with incompetent people that annoys me.

All good though. I'm still on so head on over there and give me a few clicks. Awesome. Bye now.


jail bird said...

i want a parmy but i have to put up with silly risotto. lets get icecream soon okay?

Spud said...

Im very keen