Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Trips

Damn its been a long time between posts. A lot has happened in the time I have been away. We headed down to our farm, flew to Sydney and made it back in time for Mexican and a 21st.

The farm was great. We really did nothing for the first couple of days. We ate, played video games and ate. There is a Super Nintendo down there so we played Mario and all the classics. During our stay we headed over to Hindmarsh island to meet up with Tilney and the gang. We continued our trend and really did nothing but chill out and then headed back to the farm. Friends of ours came down and we played monopoly. It was a very couple thing to do but it was fun.

We drove back from the farm just in time for us to pack watch a movie and then head to bed. We couldn't sleep even though we had to get up at 4:30am to get to the airport. I asked the girl if she wanted to know about the two theories of light. She said no but I told her anyway. Not surprisingly she was asleep in minutes and I was left pondering.

Our Sydney trip began at 4:45am when we left for the airport. We flew Virgin Blue and the best thing about the whole airline is the chicken Caesar wraps that you can buy on the plane. They are fantastic.

We landed in Sydney and took a taxi out to the naval base which is where the Queen Mary 2 was docked. The whole reason for our trip to Sydney was to meet up with my parents after their trip on the QM2. We picked them up and headed to our unit. There was My mum, my dad, my sister and the girl and I which made five which made it so that we had to hire three motel rooms. In the end it was cheaper to hire an apartment that ended up being a penthouse which was crazy good. It had a gigantic balcony and the worlds greatest view of the Harbour bridge.

The first day we headed out to Manly to do some shopping and have lunch. We headed back and sat at the apartment before heading down to the rock to watch the Queen Elizabeth 2 come in and dock in Circular Quay. It was amazing to watch it come in and incredible to see how small it was compared to the QM2.

The second day we caught another ferry out to Parramatta where we shopped at the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. We found a giant surf store and spent two hours and way to much money there. After our shopping the girl and I visited the Sydney aquarium which was amazing. We saw a manta ray which had to have been three metres wide. Such a site.

The morning we flew back the girl and I did a bridge climb. The bridge climb allows you to climb up the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was absolutely amazing and the views of the harbour where breath taking. We flew back that afternoon just in time to meet everyone down the bay for Mexican.

Saturday we unpacked and drove to the girls house to spend time with her mum and sister. It was good to see them because, with being away it had been a good week since we had spent any time there. The night came quickly and we headed to one of the girls friends from school's 21st birthday. It was located on the roof of his fathers store in the middle of the city. It was the best location for a party. There was a DJ who played jazz/hip hop all night and it ended up being a great night.

Today was relaxing. We has Mexican again with Tilney as well as a couple the girl and I know and then headed to a food and wine festival. I was full and don't drink wine so i got bored but it was still fun.

I cant believe the amount than can happen in such a short time. Tomorrow I'm going to see NOFX play which should be amazing. Bye now.


Alids said...

wow Nice Picture... you had a wonderfull experience there..

Ancient Clown said...

Blessings, my bud spud;

Just passing by to give your peep a pop. I had a picture of my toes on peeps once, but I didn't last more than a few days. Boobies and babies beat my dirty toes.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

juicy juicy green grass said...

i need a bloody neck massage but we all know i can't really have one. trust is the issue i think lol lets do something fun soon okay? ice skating or something totally random and different. ps i hate the word random it reminds me of people who think they are cool but they really aren't. love u bitch x