Monday, October 03, 2011

My Plans to Plan

Recently Domi and I have been very unexciting people. We have been busy being hermits and planning the rest of our trip/wedding/honeymoon. I have to say it has been fun though. We have booked nearly everything that we can for our trip and had some great fun doing it. The newest bookings we have made are our Disneyland tickets, which Domi was more excited than a little kid about and also we booked tickets to a American Ice Hockey game in Washington.

We have also been trying to save money but have been very unsuccessful in the last couple of weeks due to the fact that we have found so many cheap places to have dinner. Last week we ate out 5 out of the 7 nights. We have found $10 Schnitzel nights, $10 salt and pepper squid nights, cheap tea night at IKEA, lol, and also a couple of other restaurants which seem to want to cook for us cheaper than we can buy the food from the grocery store. It is really a tough life we lead.

Bye now.

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