Sunday, October 25, 2009

My One Man Work Woes

For the last two weeks I have bee working by myself and although at times it has its ups it also has its downs. Thursday and Friday of last week was a huge struggle because I was doing a job that should always have been a job for two people but instead I had to struggle by myself. On the upside though I finished work early thursday and had a beer with Susi. Things have been a bit rough between Susi and I for a few years now but since she has gotten back from a two year trip through Europe we have been reinventing our friendship. We just chilled out in the afternoon sun and enjoyed a conversation with a couple of beers. I didn't think about it until after but it has been a good 5 years since just the two of us have hung out. We put each other through a lot of bullshit in the past with a failed relationship but now I think we are finally over it all and have moved on. I like it when things turn out well.

Apart from work life has been pretty great. The girl and I bought two huge pots to put on our front step with a couple of spikey plants which I think look fantastic and also bought a couple of wine racks from Ikea. The house is really starting to look nice and become completely ours which is great.

I have struggled to write on here for some reason but I'm trying to get back to it. Byes.

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