Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Party Weeks

These last couple of weeks have been spent working hard during the week but partying pretty hard on the weekends too. We started with our house warming which was quite a big day. We started in the afternoon and had a bbq later in the night. We listened to the new tunes from Streetlight Symphony who is a collaboration of Steve and Az from the Lost Show and drank the night away.

The second reason for partying was the momentous occasion of me turning 23. The last year has involved so many things changing that I still feel 22 because it went so damn fast. Domi and I bought our beautiful house, I bought a new car and every other thing in between meant I lost track of time. We did the usual family dinners and had a couple of people round to ours Saturday night to enjoy a few drinks. Not a huge celebration but 23 isn't really a stand out birthday.

Still having fun. Whats up with you? Byes.


Anonymous said...

its me! ur fav mexican pal cat. just thought id be tricky and comment on your blog which i havent done since i lived in malaysia LOL xxx

Phil said...

Wow I haven't seen you on here for years!