Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween and even though I'm not really celebrating it and Australia doesn't really go crazy over it I am still going to wish the rest of the place an awesome time. Today at worked dragged on and on and all I could think of was getting on that plane tomorrow. Only one day of work left and then the girl and I are away. God I cant wait. Bye now. Might post tomorrow but if not I will see you all next week!

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Rolley Day

I went to a few jobs today. One of them involved me rolling and compacting a whole block. Now I have to say that it wasn't the most mentally stimulating job but I got it done. Work dragged today though, all I could think about was Perth and leaving. Thursday cannot come fast enough. I spoke to the girl and she said the same thing. Its going to be such a good weekend and this week is going to be incredibly long.

This week is also going to be pretty boring because the girl and I are both trying to save a bit of last minute cash before we go away and its my old mans birthday tomorrow so we will probably go out for tea Wednesday or something. I have to work Thursday morning because we have a big concrete pour on but hopefully I will be finished by about 1pm so I can get ready for our flight at 3:20.

Bye now.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Frog Friday

We were digging footings for a house extension that we are doing at the moment and when we pulled up their concrete driveway we found two huge frogs. Very cool.

Work Friday was a long hard day and I didn't finish till after 6. This was a problem because I had to get home, shower, get dressed, eat tea, drive to the girls and then head to Eliza's 21st which started at 7:30. All is well and fine but it takes a good 40mins to get to the girls so we were a bit late.

Eliza's was cocktail formal and I have to say I looked pretty good. The girl looked amazing too and definitely turned some heads when we walked in. The party was at the Track restaurant which is in the Air apartment building and it was a really great venue. The drinks were cold and free so it was an awesome night. Only a few people I knew there but it was ok. We planned to go out after but by the time we waited around for over an hour to head into town the girl and I lost interest and got a lift home with Layno at about 1:30.

Yesterday was our 18 month so the girl and I just chilled out and ate pizza and pasta and toast and all things with peanut butter until heading to mine. We planned somethings for our trip to Perth, which we leave Thursday and I cant wait, before going down to Brighton Jetty road to eat more pasta at cafe Primo. Th whether was horrible but the food was great and the company was even better. The girl had to work early this morning so we just chilled back at mine after tea and spoke about everything that has happened in the last 18 months. Its been hectic really with all the dramas in our and everyone around ours lives but it has been amazing and I'm still so glad I have her. I think she kinda likes me too, lol.

Bye now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Black Eye

I have no idea why or how but for the last few days I have had a black eye. It came up last week and got worse over the weekend. I don't know why. No one punched me so I must have gotten something in it at work or something? I woke up Tuesday and could barely see because it was that puffy and swollen. How odd. Today it was ok but it still feels like a black eye when I blink. I really have no idea how it happened.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Present

I received a present today from two friends of mine who are living and working in England. They are two awesome girls and I miss them so so much and I am incredible thankful that they not only remember my birthday but actually sent me a present. I received half of the present a few weeks. It was a Vans, Off The Wall checkered bag and I was stoked at that but today topped it off. Jess bought me the bag and Susi bought me a pair of Travis Barker (of Blink 182 fame) signature Globe shoes and I have to say that they are awesome!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Age

Isn't it funny when all of a sudden you feel older than you used too. After a conversation with Layno last night I realized that I have matured a lot with out even noticing. These days I and everyone around me are a lot calmer. I remember back in the day when we used to go out every night of the weekend every weekend and now a days its only every couple of weeks. We have gotten a lot classier and don't drink cheap drinks before going out or scam lifts of people or get free drinks from people we know so we spend a lot more money these days but I think we have slowed down. I still love going out and having huge nights but these days I love chilling with a small crowd at someones house. I guess it just comes with age and working full time that you have to slow down a bit. I definitely don't drink as much as I used to but that is by choice I think. I still know people who get completely paro all the time and Its weird but I don't really know how they can do it. I have my moments of coarse but I think I am quite calm compared to my younger days. Who thought 21 was old.

My Weekend Review

This whole weekend has been pretty relaxing and boring but it has been good. I have needed a weekend off after last weekend and this last week. Friday night I had organized to go bowling with everyone but only Cat was keen and in the end we didn't go because it was way to much effort, lol. Instead the girl and I just chilled out and watched Jurassic Park 2 and then hit the hay early.

Friday was the girls mums birthday so when we all got up Saturday morning we headed up to Harndorf to have scones with jam and cream from a place that they go to all the time. The scones were really tasty but I was starving and after eating all that sugary jam and cream and drinking a huge iced chocolate I felt very light headed and pretty average. We got home and I had a lie down for about an hour. It sucked because when ever I sleep during the day it always makes me feeling shithouse.

Once I was up and about I downed a Red Bull and the girl and I drove to my house to spend the afternoon. We watched Jurassic Park 3 and then picked up Layno and headed up to Sam's house for a bit of a Shindig.

It was a very very mellow party compared to some of the previous efforts we have had at Sam's place. Back in the days when Sam, Steve, Susi and I were in a band we got terribly drunk at Sam's. One night involved us throwing a banana and hand fulls of butter through a fan. It sprayed everywhere outside and to this day they are still finding chunks of banana. That same night we walked around the neighborhood and nearly got beaten up by one of Sam's neighbours who just happens to be an ex kick boxing champion who was very angry. A damn good night though. Last night as I said didn't quite have the shenanigans of that night but it was still a good chilled out night. The girl, Layno and I left quite early because the girl had to get up early this morning for work. I wasn't that fussed about leaving early and Layno wasn't either.

For some reason I woke up early this morning. I woke up just before the girls alarm went off at 5:50am and then was wide awake at 8:45. I got up and watched some TV but couldn't find anything good on. I watched Video Hits for a while but every song they played was terrible. I feel like an old guy saying this but I don't like a lot of the new music these days, lol, got to go put my teeth back in now. I bummed around a bit more and made some killer Nachos and have been watching the V8 Supercars and now the Indy cars since then. Another relaxing day but hey its all good.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Financial Review

In the next few years I plan to buy a house and at the moment the housing market is a bit iffy. Interest rates are rising and so are housing costs so I have a feeling the housing market is going to come down. For the last 10 years in Adelaide the median house price has risen about 11 percent each year. If it doesn't slow down it's going to make it very hard to buy a house or block of land but hopefully it does slow. With the coming election and the almost certainty that Labor will win I do believe interest rates will rise again as they normally do under a Labor government but I don't know how long it will take or if this will affect the price of the type of house I want to buy.

This week has been tough. I worked by myself and with another bloke and it has really worn me out. It was hot on Wednesday and Thursday and it was the first warmer days that we have had. Its amazing how much the heat can take out of you. Even just a few degrees can make an easy job a struggle. Wednesday Benny and I had to steal up a foundation that we poured today. Benny was born in Tuscany in Italy. He has been in Australia for 50 years but his English still isn't that great. He is an incredibly interesting bloke and even though he is 68, he can still work just as hard, if not harder than I can. Wednesday was a long day and I finished late and got stuck in rush hour traffic which sucked. I was bored so I took some photos of random things and cars.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Drug Bust

Today was non stop! I worked really hard in the morning to get the footings that we dug on Friday ready to be white ant treated by 9am. After that Dad and I put plastic down and waited for the reinforcing steel to arrive. It was meant to be there by about 10 but didn't arrive till 12 so we had to finish all the other little jobs. We brought all the steel in and then headed off to get another job ready at Glenelg.

When we got to the job we realized straight away that something was going on because there was three marked cop cars and 3 unmarked cop cars all parked around the house next door to the house we were working on. We walked down to see what was up and were told that it was a drug bust. The news crews were all there and they told us they had found 30 marijuana plants and a mountain of hydroponics equipment and cash. It was an odd thing to see but also pretty cool. I was so incredible disappointed because I couldn't take photo's because the battery on my phone had completely died. Damn phone! I heard on the news later that there were several other drug busts around the state and they arrested a few people. Pretty crazy.

My Big Weekend

It was all go this weekend. It started Friday morning with work being absolutely crazy. We had to dig a whole footing for an addition in one day so we could get it inspected Friday afternoon and we were flat out all day. I got home at about 5:30 and was pretty stuffed. The girl, Calvin, Kosta, Callum and his girlfriend Bubba came to mine while I was still in the shower and after I got ready in a hurry, had a few beers while the girl got ready we headed down to the Backpackers where I was having my party.

Once there we headed out to get Subway and Wendy's hotdogs before heading back. I conned everyone into blowing up balloons and hanging streamers while I pretty much did nothing. After that it started to get busy. People came in dribs and drabs but after a while there was a pretty good crowd.

The highlights of the night were the first hour with everyone there, doing Jagerbombs and really just the rest of the night. The low lights were me nearly getting into a fight with some weirdo, the shot that the girls behind the bar gave me which was Taquilla and black Sambuca and the slight mix up of the bar tab at the end. I was a bit disappointed because with about an hour left to go in the night there was a huge slab of the tab left and when I went to talk to the boss at the end he told me it was all gone. Now we didn't really drink that much in the last hour because everyone was quite drunk so I think I got stooged a bit but I didn't really care all that much.

Saturday morning, even though I didn't have to work, I felt terrible. Very seedy. The girl and I just hung out at mine and at more Subway and watched the Moto GP qualifying which was on at Phillip Island and then headed to hers to get ready and head out for Blakes 21st.

When we got to Blakes it became apparent that everyone was feeling a bit average after mine. I felt terrible because even Blake was hung over and it was his 21st. The girl and I too it pretty easy drinks wise and felt ok. On the stroke of midnight the girl did a shot for her 22nd birthday and then we made our way off. We stopped by at the London Tavern on the way home to see some of my mates and the girls friends. The girl used to work at the Tav and knows most of the people who work there, and I just talked to Calvin.

Sunday morning didn't start until about 11 and the girl and I just bummed around all day. We made bacon and eggs for breakfast before going out and buying some more fish for her fish tank. We headed home after that to watch the Moto GP race, which Australia's Casey Stoner won, and then just chilled out for the rest of the night. It was a fine end to the weekend because after all that partying we needed a relaxing day.

My 250th

This is my 250th post on this here blog so I'm going to make it a useless one.
Woot woot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Kentish Night

Well its that time of the week again. The dudes and dudettes are hitting the Kentish tonight and then heading back to watch The Chaser and Summer Heights High. If you don't know what either of these two TV shows are then Google them now. Do it.

I dont know about this week. It has been pretty good but average at the same time. Work has been a bit odd too. Dad and I have been fighting a lot this week which has given me the shits but I guess I have to expect that when I work with my old man. I ate an orange today that I picked off a tree at one of the jobs I was on and it was the best god damn orange I have ever had so I guess there is always upsides to life.

Friday night as I have said before is my 21st party so tomorrow night I have to head down and organize it all and hand more money over, lol. It should be an awesome night though and if you are not coming then you should rethink! Bye now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My 1000 Let Down

The biggest race of the year, the Bathurst 1000 was last weekend and a bloody Ford won. It was a pretty average race apart from the last 12 laps where the rain came in and it was really god to watch but a bloody ford won. It pretty much ruined my weekend.

The weekend was good. Friday night the girl and I just chilled out at hers and watched Transformers and played video games, so cool. Saturday night we headed out to the Edinburgh Hotel Kellie's 21st. Kellie went to school with me in high school and she is an absolute crack up. It was a good night with a good crowd and fun was had. The ride home was long but we got subway and that really hit the spot at 1 am.

I don't know whats going on this week. I'm a bit lost at the moment with my weeks. I kind of fall into them and before I know it they are over. I think there are plans to hit the Kentish and maybe something Thursday night but I'm not sure. The one thing I'm positive on is that the weekend is going to be massive. Its my 21st party Friday night and then a good friend Blake's 21st party the Saturday night. Going to be a bit slow Sunday. Cant wait tho.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Freebie Tea

Last night I did the usual and got tea at Montezuma's with Cat. It was different last night because two awesome things happened. The first came when the waiter came up to us and said that since we come in there so often she would shout us drinks. We were over joyed and ordered a round of Cokes. The girl sort of laughed and then said she had something more adventurous in mind. I got a Millers Beer and Cat got a Malibo and pineapple. It was the best thing ever.

Tea was awesome as usual and afterwards we decided to head down to get coffee. My friend Sophie was working so we ended up paying nothing for two large coffees. Life is good when you don't pay for things. I have made a decision to only eat places where I know people so as to not pay full price for anything anymore, lol. Bye now.

My News

Just a quick post today with some dot points cause thats cool.

First up we have an accident that I had the other day. We were working around the side of a house and I was shoveling between the excavator and the wall of the house. Its not the right place to stand but I thought my dad had seen me. It turns out he didn't and he swung the boom round and squished me between the bucket and the wall. I was lucky and it only hit my leg and then I crashed into the wall. It could have been a lot worse. I had a shocking head ache but I was ok. It sucked at the time and I still have a huge bruise on my leg but its all good.

Second one is that I have a huge problem with my father and Macdonald's. He is obsessed! We stop there at least once a day maybe even twice. He likes it because they serve coffee in the Mccafe and then we can get a bite to eat as well. I am not a fan. I don't like the food at all and its soooo damn fatty. The coffee is good though. I don't know what to do because he is getting worse by the day. Oh well I will just have to be a fatty.

News over.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Grand Final

Last weekend was great. Not only was it a long weekend but the AFL grand final took place and I got drunk. The highlight of the day had to be when Port Adelaide got beaten by the biggest margin ever in a grand final and the lowlight was when a beer was knocked off of the table by the football and landed upside down in Tilney's lap. It would have been hilarious if it just happened to Tilney but at the time Tilney was sitting in my lap so we both got soaked. Pretty funny day in the end. We had to drown the sorrows of Adam and the other port fans so we all got quite toasted.

The rest of the weekend was very relaxed. I am low on money at the moment so the girl and I just chilled out for most of it. We headed out for Mexican food Sunday night and then had some people over to play poker. The girl started work at 7 Sunday morning so she crashed pretty early but we kicked on.

Yesterday was awesome. Nothing beats a public holiday and the fact that yesterday was such a nice day made it even better. The girl and I got up and went for a walk on the beach. We are both pretty pale so we both got a little burnt by the sun. We got back and ate a whole lot of ice cream that we had bought the night before and then proceeded to play Sim City 2000 for about 3 hours. For tea last night we made quite possible the best tasting Tacos ever and then hit Sim City again. Its not easy being this cool!